Your convenient pocket personal trainer


GymWizz is a unique app which guides you through the Body For Life (TM) or any other gym routine that uses the Borg Scale methodology of adjusting the weight to keep intensity constant.

GymWizz makes this type of gym routine incredibly convenient as it offers the following key functionality:

  1. Over 250 exercises with graphical and written instructions. No need to carry a large book of instructions with you to the gym.

  2. Polished interface for recording actual vs planned repetitions, weights and intensities. No need to carry pen and paper to the gym.

  3. Automatic generation of sessions based on progress. No need to pre-plan your gym sessions beforehand. If you have your phone in your pocket, then you are ready to go!

GymWizz is polished and a pleasure to use. It has a gorgeous and very streamlined interface. Simple to use, with lots of power if required.

SUMMARY - high level view of the session

Type of session (Lower body, upper body, interval training and rest)
Exercises completed and remaining
Sparkline graph of weight increase over time
Recording of body mass and BMI
Sparkline graph of body mass over time
Simple water, food, coffee and alcohol consumption