9 Ways to Stretch Your Hip Flexors For A Great Warm up And Workout

When it comes to longevity in the weight room and on the field, not getting hurt is key. And while it's mostly anecdotal evidence, the athletes and clients of mine who perform dedicated stretches – especially the hip flexor stretch – prior to training and competition tend to not get hurt. Sure, we know that

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How To Get A Perfect 6 Pack! Abs Superset Workout

Crush Your Core and Shock your body into growing a well defined six-pack by increasing the tension on your abs with this five-move workout. Step things up with supersets and get ripped abs with this quick, but advanced abs workout. Whether your six pack abs are visible or not is directly related to your diet. Still, training them hard with challenging

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Low Impact ‘Body Weight’ Abs Workout With 6 Standing Abs Exercises

Get up off the floor and work your core more with this standing abs workout. Tone and strengthen your tummy anywhere with these body weight standing ab exercises! Improved balance, better posture, and no workout mat needed. Having a strong core is non-negotiable if you take your physical health seriously. The core muscles support the

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